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Biofeedback Machine

Biofeedback is a system which allows people to learn how to improve their health by observing and consciously controlling the mind's and body's reactions. It learns a person to use the power of mind to control his/her body's responses. There are several types of biofeedback machnes, including simpler devices that monitor heart rate and a more advanced equipment which is composed of hardware and software. Hardware has connectors designed to be attached to fingertips for instant feedback on how your mind and body interact with provided software. By using biofeedback instruments, specialists in many different fields help people to control stress, regulate heart rate, lose weight, gain relaxation... It is also used as home device by individuals for ADHD/ADD treatment, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, quitting smoking, blood pressure control and many other health conditions (see the menu on right side of the page).


What is the Best Biofeedback Machine to Buy and Where?


You probably wonder: "How do I choose which biofeedback equipment to purchase?" Well, it's up to you where you'll buy biofeedback machine. We are always trying to give you our honest opinion on which one is the best. It is based on what we learned by reading many reviews, feedbacks and visitor comments, by doing lots of research, as well as on comparison of these units, their overall rating and how much each of the systems cost.

wild divine Wild Divine Biofeedback system

The Wild Divine system by IOM was one of the most advanced and best biofeedback personal equipment for working at home, by opinions of many users and reviewers, for a long time. This was mainly due to software that resembles a computer game very much. However, there is another biofeedback system appeared on the market in recent years, which takes a place of the best system for home use - ThoughtStream USB Biofeedback system (see below). Anyway, the Wild Divine plugs into any standard USB port on Mac, PC or lap top computers, and interfaces with software. It comes with a wide range of programs and games for any purpose. The most popular package is the Relaxing Rhythms (includes software and hardware) which is cost around $299. Follow the link for more detailed descritpon on the Wild Divine.

biofeedback systemThoughtStream Biofeedback System

With a price below $100, the ThoughtStream is one of the most affordable and best buy biofeedback machines on the market, today. There are some cheaper devices around, but they are uncomparable with the ThoughtStream by quality and abilities. Like the Wild Divine, the ThoughtStream also consists of hardware parts and software. But, unlike the Wild Divine, it can be used with a free software, which is a big advantage (optionaly you can buy the "Mental Games" computer software - interactive biofeedback games). You can simply connect the ThoughtStream USB to your Windows PC, while the hand sensor measures the rapid, tiny fluctuations in your GSR (skin's electrical resistance). Learn More.

muse Muse

One of the most popular biofeedback devices is the Muse system. It is designed to guide you to a calm mind. It consists of the headband and headphones. Tthe headband uses brain-sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds. Learn more about Muse.

biofeedback for iphone and androidBiofeedback for iPad, iPhone & Android

The Biofeedback equipment for iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android devices is, in fact, a small sensor that measures your skin conductance. It uses the microphone input of your unit. It is extremely popular due to a huge number of smartphone users, but in our opinion it's not worth to pay around $100 for it. When compared to the ThoughtStream system, we have no doubt that these devices are a waste of money. Follow the link to see currently available models.

biofeedback pelvic floorBiofeedback for Pelvic Floor Disorders

As the name says, these devices are used for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders, including constipation, erectile dysfunction and other conditions associated with muscles in the pelvic area. The most common treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction is biofeedback. These devices cost about $120.

quantum biofeedback machineQuantum Biofeedback Machine

The Quantum biofeedback machine is not as "cheap" as above mentioned equipment. It is one of the most sophisticated systems of all biofeedback devices. Similarly as the other systems, the Quantum also uses electrodes, but they are attached to all over the body, including ankles, wrists and forehead. It is used mainly by health specialists. Since the Quantum instruments are so complex, they must be expensive. They are available to purchase in a wide range of prices - from $500 to over $2000 depending on the model (prices are taken from Amazon, which has the lowest prices). Again, we can conclude that the ThoughtStream is the best-buy biofeedback machine for home use, offering similar features like much more expensive Quantum system.

portable biofeedback machineOther Portable Biofeedback Devices

There are several other, smaller and simpler types of biofeedback machines available on the market. They are mostly used for relaxation, stess reduction and blood pressure control. One of the most popular is the GSR 2 Biofeedback Unit.








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