Natural Treatment for Bedwetting

Homeopathic Medicine to Stop Bedwetting

A number of treatment options are available to stop bedwetting, including medications, behavioral changes, psychotherapy, and natural remedies. You should always pick a treatment option that best suits your child and family. Homeopathic medicine offers all-natural remedies that have been successfully used to treat bedwetting.



Natural Bedwetting Cures

Although there are several herbs that have been widely used in traditional medicine to treat a weak bladder and urinary tract tissue, there are only a few natural remedies especially formulated to cure bedwetting. Given that this is mostly a psychological (emotional) problem, adults usually resort to self-hypnosis, while homeopathic treatment is more suitable for children.

We've listed all homeopathic cures that can be found on the market, excluding drugs that can be prescribed only by professional homeopath. With holistic approach to your life, he/she will recommend you some of the remedies in pure form, such as Belladonna, Equisetum, Sulfur, Ignatia Amara... Below are listed FDA-registered 100% natural and homeopathic mixtures made by industry leading brands.


bed-wetting Bed-Wetting Homeopathic Formula

Liddell Laboratories produces genuine homeopathic remedies. They are all natural and 100% safe. The Bet-Wetting is formulated to relieve childhood bedwetting and "accidents", and supports general urinary tract system control. Learn more about Bed-Wetting homeopathic cures.

st. johns shield St. John's Shield, Herbal Flower Oil

St. John's Shield is on of the most widely used herbal oils. It is known for a wide range of therapeutic possibilities. It is used for insomnia and other related disturbances in the sleep rhythm of the body, such as bedwetting in young children, or bodily upset from travel. Learn more about St. John's Shield.

flotrol natural treatment Flotrol

Flotrol is a natural supplement used for bladder control. It is formulated especially for mature adults. Learn more about Flotrol.







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