Aromatherapy Diffusers

Diffusers is used to help disperse the scent molecules into the air. This enables the body to use them as you breathe. allowing the body to get the most from essential oils. Several types of oil diffusers are available, but the most popular are:

  • Atomizing diffusers
  • Fan diffusers
  • Vaporizing diffusers
  • Car diffusers
  • USB diffusers... and more



Aromatherapy Diffuser Reviews

We have tried many types so far and wrote a few diffuser reviews for other websites. Here is our selection of the best and most popular diffusers:

diffuser reviewsAromaFuse Diffuser

According to the price and quality, the AromaFuse Diffuser offers the best value for the money, available on the "aromatherapy for home use" market today. It is modern, stylish and easy to use. Equipped with a 380-ml large reservoir, it covers an area of 500+ square feet (50 square meters) for up to 10 hours of continuous diffusion. It features 5 timer settings and a dimmable LED light. Moreover, it can be puchased alone or as a part of aromatherapy set. This set is perfect for anyone just starting out.

aromatherapy diffuserHoneycomb Diffuser

This is one of the best selling, hi-quality, ultrasonic diffusers on the market. It utilizes ultrasonic waves to diffuse the essential oils. With a 100ml water capacity it can diffuse for up to 7 hours. Nicely designed, very light weight and powerful diffuser, features multiple colors changing LED light. It has a built-in overheating protection and auto shut off feature when water is low. An easy to use, low maintenance product, yet not so expensive. See Best Price.

aromatherapy vaporizersAromatherapy Vaporizers

With several different models, Da Vinci is a leading brand in the vaporizers world. They are available in a choice of styles, including the very latest electronic mini portable models. Vaporizers and vaporizing diffusers are designed to be a clean, convenient and effective method of dispensing therapeutic essential oils. Although they are not so cheap (the cheapest model is still above $100) these vaporizers are the highest quality, premium products available on the market. Click here to review all the models.


the most advanced handheld portable vaporizer


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