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There is a wide range of emotions associated with stressful situations. Everyone will experience similar situations differently, but generally speaking, stress is a tension which is always associated with anxiety. Besides relaxation which is recommended in both cases, remedies and techniques used to treat stress and anxiety are also very similar. So, which stress relief methods would be most helpful to you? Recently we received a comment from our reader who said: "One of the stress relievers I just about die for is the Infrared Sauna". As you know, there are a number of products and relaxation techniques today. Whichever cure you choose, please avoid sedative drugs. For your long-term well-being, it's much better to use the sauna, meditation or any of hundereds of natural products and techniques.


Homeopathic ad Natural Remedies

Here is our selection of homeopathic and all-natural stress relievers manufactured by renowned and most trusted USA manufacturers:

stressivin Stressivin Homeopathic Medicine

Stressivin is a homeopathic remedy formulated to provide a relief from symptoms including nervous tension, over-sensitivity, anxieties and fearfulness. It offers a great support during high pressure and stressful situations. Learn more Stressivin.

stress ease Stress Ease Ayurvedic Tabs

Stress Ease is an Ayurvedic balancing formula for coping with stress and fatigue. It helps the body cope with stress by supporting the resiliency and tone of the neuromuscular system. Unlike the temporary jolts and inevitable crashes experienced with caffeine and sugar, this blend of herbs strengthens the system to provide a sustained source of natural energy. Learn more Stress Ease.

mellocaps MelloCaps Natural Supplement

MelloCaps is one of the best ballanced dietary supplement for a calm and balanced mood. It contains: Valerian for support of healthy anxiety-resistance and calm in intimidating situations; Lemon balm for support of healthy stress resistance and a comfortable, relaxed stomach; L-theanine (found in green tea) for support of balanced brain function and tranquility; Whey protein for support of healthy serotonin and GABA production; Passionflower for support of healthy anxiety resistance and muscle relaxation. Learn more

calm mind Aromatherapy Roll On

The Calm Mind is an essential oil blend, formulated by aromatherapists. It comes in a roll on bottle, so it is easy to use. You can easily and safely apply it directly to the forehead, temples, neck, behind the ears or bottom of feet. Learn more about Calm Mind

reloramax Relora Max Dietary Supplement

Relora Max is a natural stress management ingredient that helps control stress-related eating and has the added value of being non-sedating. In central nervous system receptor binding assays the plant extracts in Relora binds to several important targets associated with stress. Learn more about Relora Max







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