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ADD/ADHD Biofeedback Home Therapy

Although there are some doctors who will prescribe pharmaceutical pills and chemicals for every health problem, fortunately there are also those who know for some other non-invasive, safe, alternative options for the treatment of ADD and ADHD. It is widely known and proven that Biofeedbak therapy is the most effective treatment for these disorders. For even better results, it is recommended to combine it with homeopathic remedies, as well.


Biofeedback Equipment for Home Use

The best thing about using biofeedback and natural remedies is that you can use them at home, without harmful side effects. There are only a few worldwide recognized manufacturers of biofeedback equipment. We introduce here what we believe to be the best one - IOM hardware coupled with Wild Divine software, and the ThoughtStream Biofeedback System. Not only they offer guided biofeedback training programs, but they also have biofeedback games designed to be interesting for children as well as for adults that suffer from ADD / ADHD. Their products are compatible with both PC and MAC computers.

wild divine Wild Divine Biofeedback system

The Wild Divine system by IOM was one of the most advanced and best biofeedback personal equipment for working at home, by opinions of many users and reviewers, for a long time. This was mainly due to software that resembles a computer game very much. Numerous excellent Wild Divine programs are available. However, there is another biofeedback system appeared on the market in recent years, which takes a place of the best system for home use - ThoughtStream USB Biofeedback system (see below). Anyway, the Wild Divine comes with a wide range of programs and games for any purpose. The most popular package is the Relaxing Rhythms, the 15-step guided mind and body training program which is cost around $299  (including software and hardware) . Follow the link for more detailed descritpon on the Wild Divine.

biofeedback systemThoughtStream Biofeedback System

With a price below $100, the ThoughtStream is one of the most affordable and best buy biofeedback machines on the market, today. There are some cheaper devices around, but they are uncomparable with the ThoughtStream by quality and abilities. Like the Wild Divine, the ThoughtStream also consists of hardware parts and software. But, unlike the Wild Divine, it can be used with a free software, which is a big advantage (optionaly you can buy the "Mental Games" computer software - interactive biofeedback games). You can simply connect the ThoughtStream USB to your Windows PC, while the hand sensor measures the rapid, tiny fluctuations in your GSR (skin's electrical resistance). Learn More.

muse Muse

One of the most popular biofeedback devices is the Muse system. It is designed to guide you to a calm mind. It consists of the headband and headphones. Tthe headband uses brain-sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds. Learn more about Muse.


Scientists believe that a telomere length is highly associated with hyperactivity-impulsivity in children with ADHD. It is already well known how ADHD can impact a family’s life, but scientists have now discovered that this condition also affects the DNA. They have discovered shortened telomere length in children with ADHD and their fathers and mothers. As we know, telomere length is highly heritable and parents with shorter telomeres transmit this characteristic to their children. Fortunatelly, many studies shown that the length of your telomeres can be changed by making diet and lifestyle changes (Harvard studies, for instance). You can easily measure the length of your telomeres. Take Your TeloYears test here.






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