Biofeedback and Smoking Cessation

Biofeedback to Quit Smoking

Everytime you failed to quit smoking even if you had a strong will, those 10 seconds of weaknesses were crucial. It wasn't your conscious choice, but your unconscious mind has taken control. If you are serious about smoking cessation, it is important to learn how to control your physiological reactions and unconscious mind. Biofeedbck uses electronic equipment to monitor your internal physiological states and provides feedback that helps you learn how to control, activate, balance, release or to recover from them.




Biofeedback Therapy for Smoking Cessation

Based on users experience and a number reviews that we read and done by ourselves, we listed below the brands that have developed some of the best biofeedback machines for home use.

biofeedback Iom Biofeedback Hardware by Wild Divine

The IOM is the first and only feedback system for home use designed in cutting edge technology. It is a second generation of such hardware that comes from Wild Divine, after a huge success of their first model Lightstone. It has three comfortable fingertip sensors to transmit your levels of stress, tension, excitement or calmness to the computer via a USB port. It is compatible with both PC or Mac operating systems. Click here for more details.

biofeedback systemThoughtStream Biofeedback System

With a price below $100, the ThoughtStream is one of the most affordable and best buy biofeedback machines on the market, today. There are some cheaper devices around, but they are uncomparable with the ThoughtStream by quality and abilities. Like the Wild Divine, the ThoughtStream also consists of hardware parts and software. But, unlike the Wild Divine, it can be used with a free software, which is a big advantage (optionaly you can buy the "Mental Games" computer software - interactive biofeedback games). You can simply connect the ThoughtStream USB to your Windows PC, while the hand sensor measures the rapid, tiny fluctuations in your GSR (skin's electrical resistance). Learn More.

muse Muse

Another great biofeedback device is the Muse system. It is designed to guide you to a calm mind. It consists of the headband and headphones. Tthe headband uses brain-sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds. Learn more about Muse.








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