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Not all essential oils are safe to consume internally. We recommend you only the brands you know that they are rigorously tested and safe. We have tested and reviewed some of the finest aromatherapy oils. However, beside essential oils for internal use (in vaporizers and diffusers), the most common use of essential oils is for massage and for bathing. As mentioned above, there are some highly reputable and some less respected brands (to be honest, I make my own essential oils, but I shall not present the recipes here because I won't accept any responsibility for your actions ;-). Anyway, for those of you who don't know how to make them, here are some safe online places where you can buy the highest quality essential oils. If you are novice in aromatherapy, the best way to start is to get an essential oils starter kit. I truly recommend any of the following brands:


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gurunanda essential oilsGuruNanda Essential Oils

GuruNanda is a well known name in the aromatherapy world. Their essential oils are 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade products. There are no synthetics or additives, at all. They have a wide range of single oils, as well as many great blends, blended for different purposes. See the GuruNanda essential oils collection.

kidsafe essential oilsPlant Therapy Oils

Plant Therapy brand is best known for their Kidsafe essential oils line. However their synergies are one of the most powerfull on the market. A synergy is a mix of essential oils all similar in chemical families and therapeutic properties. When blended correctly, they become more powerful therapeutically. Visit Plant Therapy to learn more.

essential oils reviewAmrita Aromatherapy Oils

Amrita Aromatherapy, Inc. is a US based company, offering the largest selection of USDA certified organic essential oils. These oils have not been diluted, industrially processed or chemically manipulated. Every Amrita product contains the necessary chemical profile to ensure its therapeutic usefulness. Here you can find a wide variety of Amrita Essential Oils.



aromatherapy essential oils starter kit




Plant Therapy Essential Oils



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