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Bedwetting Alarms

Bedwetting alarm is a device (system) that rings when a person wets bed. It has been used in clinical practice. It is not just a device that will wake you up, but it is often used as a part of behavior therapy in children. There are also several models designed for teenagers, as well as for adults.We decided to introduce here some of the top rated bed wetting alarms available.



Bedwetting Alarms Comparison

During our search for the best models, we have carefully read many articles and user reviews. We did a lot of comparison and here's our suggestions (all listed models can be used by both adults and children):


bedwetting alarm Koregon DVC Nite Train-R Bedwetting Alarm

Koregon DVC (Dual Volume Control) Nite Train-R Bedwetting Alarm is a compact, moisture-sensing device worn on the body. The alarm is set off with as little as one or two drops of urine and awakens the wearer before the entire bladder is emptied. It is very easy to use. Just insert pad into underwear, plug cable into alarm box and position near the ear. Learn more about the Koregon DVC Nite Train-R bedwetting alarm.

bedwetting alarm MoDo-king Bedwetting Alarm

The breakthrough MoDo-king bedwetting alarm sets the standard as the leader of bed wetting alarms. They took everything that made the original MoDoKing a bestseller and made it even better. Lern more about the new MoDo-king Bedwetting Alarm.


bedwetting alarm Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie alarms are FDA registered, CE certified and are microprocessor controlled with advanced safety algorithms; Chummie Alarms have won numerous awards and are often recommended by pediatric urologists as the first line of bedwetting treatment. Learn more about the Chummie Premium bedwetting alarm.







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