Natural Remedies for Eating Disorders

Many natural herbal and homeopathic remedies are available to treat eating disorders. Some of them are used to reduce appetite and work as natural appetite suppressants, some stimulate the metabolism and work as appetite enhancers. Also, there are homeopathic remedies that affect psychological health, used to cure emotional eating (over the last years, the best results in treatment of emotional eating are obtained by using Self Hypnosis).



Remedies for Eating Disorders & Appetite Control

We listed here the most effecive natural remedies for eating disorders manufactured by renowned and most trusted USA manufacturer Native Remedies:


diet defense Diet Defense Homeopathic Remedy

Diet Defense's liquid formula works with your body's own natural defenses to ramp up feelings of fullness, and dial down a nagging, overactive appetite. It is a gentle homeopathic blend. Learn more about Diet Defense homeopathic formula.

herbal di-gest Herbal Di-Gest Ayurvedic Remedy

The Herbal Di-Gest is designed to balance your appetite and promote healthy digestion. It is a blend of 10 ayurvedic herbs and spices that promotes healthy assimilation and elimination, so you won’t feel dull and heavy after meals. It supports healthy digestion at each step from a good appetite to better health. Learn more about Herbal Di-Gest.

lean optimizer Lean Optimizer

Dr. Sam Robbins formulated Lean Optimizer over 15+ years ago and it has a proven track record with well over half a million users world-wide. It is designed to turn on your "fat-burning genes", similar to a skinny person. It safely increases your metabolism and energy levels, dramatically suppresses your appetite and reduces cravings targets "stubborn fat" areas, like belly fat, arms and thighs. Learn more about Lean Optimizer.

appetite enhancer Homeopathic Appetite Enhancer

The Appetite Enhancer by King Bio is a homeopathic medicine used for temporary relief of: loss of appetite, no desire to eat, aversion to food, and inability to bear the sight or smell of food. Learn more about Appetite Enhancer.







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