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Portable Biofeedback Units w/ Monitor

In addition to several complex biofeedback systems available in the market, there are many more of those small and simple machines designed to provide just a few necessary information. These devices are actually small portable units that display readings through a simple monitor to tell you what is going on in your body. They are mostly used for specific conditions including blood pressure or heart rate control, by translating tiny tension-related changes in your skin. Then, a "patient" uses the data readings shown on the monitor to control the body reactions and learn the body and mind to react in proper way.


Portable Biofeedback Devices Review


Here are several top rated portable biofeedback machines that earned the highest grades in expert reviews and user feedbacks.

biofeedback for iphone and androidBiofeedback for iPad, iPhone & Android

The Biofeedback equipment for iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android devices is, in fact, a small sensor that measures your skin conductance. It uses the microphone input of your unit. It is extremely popular due to a huge number of smartphone users, but in our opinion it's not worth to pay around $100 for it. When compared to the ThoughtStream system, we have no doubt that these devices are a waste of money. Follow the link to see currently available models.

portable biofeedback machineOther Portable Biofeedback Devices

There are several other, smaller and simpler types of biofeedback machines available on the market. They are mostly used for relaxation, stess reduction and blood pressure control. One of the most popular is the GSR 2 Biofeedback Unit.






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